Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management

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Full Course (3 Units):  Cost – $679.65

This course is offered as a 3 unit course.  This course is designed for students that need an applied knowledge of the principles of soil fertility and practical real world field issues related to soil fertility in their current employment.  This course is broadly applicable across plant disciplines.  Topics covered include:

Topic 1 – Introduction and Historical Background

Major contributions to soil chemistry and fertility.  Introduction to soils and climate of Texas.

Topic 2 – Plant Essential nutrients, soil-plant relations

Plant available forms of nutrients, functions of nutrients in plants, types of soils where deficiencies might be anticipated, relative quantities required by plants.

Topic 3 – Calculations in soil fertility

Chemical notations, mole on a weight basis, mole on a charge basis, equivalents, ppm, concentrations of solutions, lbs/acre, kg/ha, lbs/1000 ft2, etc.

Topic 4 – Soil Acidity

Measurement and causes, active and reserve acidity, effects on nutrient availability and chemical properties, influence on plant grown, correction of, exchangeable Al, Al hydroxyl polymers, effective CEC

Topic 5 – Soil Nitrogen

Reactions of N in soils, N cycle, N gains and losses, biological N2 fixations, factors influencing availability, mineralization-immobilization, nitrification, NO-3 movement and groundwater contamination, eutrophication, NH4+ fixation, NH3 volatilization, denitrification, nitrification inhibitors, production of N fertilizers, acidification from NH4+ fertilizers, selection of N source potential environmental effects

Topic 6 – Soil Phosphorus

Phosphorus cycle, low uptake efficiencies – reversion in acid and alkaline soils, solubility product constants of reversion precipitates, solubility diagrams, influence of soil pH on P availability, method of application, production of P fertilizers, potential environmental consequences, eutrophication

Topic 7 – Potassium, calcium, magnesium

Potassium cycle, available forms, soil reactions, K+ fixation, mineral sources, factors influencing plant availability, fertilizer sources

Topic 8 – Sulfur and the micronutrient elements

Reactions of S in soils, S cycle, sources of S fertilizers, anticipated crop responses, reactions influencing availability of micronutrients in soils, pH effect chelates, extent of micronutrient deficiencies, correction of deficiencies.

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