Continuing Education Overview

The Texas A&M Plant Breeding and Genetics Continuing Education (CE) Program is designed to convey knowledge about crop genetics and improvement to

  • industry technical and professional personnel who wish to refresh their knowledge in specific areas of plant breeding and genetics
  • participants who want to gain a professional certificate in plant breeding and genetics
  • others who simply want to know more about plant breeding and genetics.

While not required, CE participants may also pursue a Professional Certificate in Plant Breeding and Genetics.  Continuing Education participation does not require enrollment at Texas A&M University, however all CE courses are taught by the same Texas A&M professors that teach those subject areas on campus.  Course are delivered completely online.

Technical Requirements

  • High speed internet connection and updated browser
  • Common plug-ins (e.g. Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Virus Protection, etc.)
  • Speakers


Courses range from 1-4 credits. An estimate of the current tuition and fees can be found at


CE participants may choose from a variety of courses or course units depending on their background in plant breeding and genetics.  CE participants in the Professional Certificate in Plant Breeding and Genetics program should already have a foundation in plant breeding and genetics as evidenced by collegiate course experience and must follow the guidelines for admission to the certificate program.  CE participants not interested in the certificate may take courses or course units based solely on interest in the subject area by simply purchasing access to currently available courses.

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