Analysis of Complex Genomes

*Sample Lesson* (flash)

Full Course (3 Units):  Cost – $679.65

  • Module I (1 Unit) – DNA Marker Technology and Genetic Mapping:  Cost – $226.55
  • Module II (1 Unit) – Recombinant DNA and Cloning:  Cost – $226.55
  • Module III (1 Unit) – Sequencing Genomes and Other Genomic Tools:  Cost – $226.55

Genome structure, organization and function of model organisms and higher eukaryotes; theory and methodology of genetic and physical mapping, comparative genomics, sequencing, sequence analysis and annotation; emphasis on understanding the function of complex genomes, genome-wide expression analysis, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms; X-inactivation, imprinting, gene silencing, transposons, genome duplication and evaluation.

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